Java Software Engineer

Sun Seng David Tan

3 place Léon Blum 75011 Paris France

+33 621 024 173 @sunsengdavidtan



I have 10 years of experience as a Java developer. In addition, I have worked for software vendors such as Nuxeo, Thales in Paris, and Economic Outlook in Australia.


I am fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with Nuxeo, an open source software vendor. For its many advantages, I am very inclined to continue working with and promoting the use of Free and Open Source Softwares. I am currently an Eclipse committer for the Eclipse Che project.


I believe that improving his own tools is part of the job of every developer. It’s a long term investment but it’s worth it. I’ve been involved in the development of the Codenvy Cloud IDE platform including Eclipse CHE extensions. I’ve also been involved in improving Nuxeo IDE plugin for Eclipse IDE when working on Nuxeo Platform. Bash and now Docker are my best friends for speeding my everyday tasks.

Eclipse RCP

While working at Nuxeo and Economic Outlook over 6 years, I gained valuable experience while working on and contributing to projects with Eclipse RCP.


As a Nuxeo core developer and trainer, I position myself as a “Nuxeo expert”.

Agile developer

I am fond of TDD and BDD and believe that even documentations should be the result of tests. In addition, I also have experience as a SCRUM master at Nuxeo.


As one of the main trainers at Nuxeo, I have a great opportunity to share my knowledge with other people, especially my team mates, which is a responsibility that I enjoy having.



Java Eclipse

Eclipse CHE, Flux, Orion, Eclipse RCP, SWT/JFace, OSGi, PDE, JDT, Birt, GEF

Java JEE, platform

Nuxeo, GWT, JaxRS, Freemarker, Tomcat, CDI, Seam, JSF, Struts, JSP

Programing language

Java, Scala, C++, Python, Php, C, C#, VB


Selenium Webdriver, SWTBot, Selenium 1, Concordion, Jmeter, FunkLoad, Open STA

Project management

SCRUM, Agile, TDD, BDD, Continuous improvement, Design Pattern

Source management and CI

Git, Github, Maven, Jenkins, Mercurial HG, Subversion, CVS, Subversion, Saga, Clear Case

System and Database

Docker, PostgreSQL, Couchbase, Administration (Debian/Ubuntu)


Selenium Webdriver Trainer, Nuxeo Trainer

Work Experience

Red Hat (Paris, France)

that is cool

Serli (Poitier, France)

Serli is a IT services and consultancy company located in France.

Amadeus Paris

Leading the development of Paris maintenance team.

  • Setting up Docker environments for developers
    • Docker registry
    • Docker images with production and preproduction like environments
    • Internal Boot2docker guide
  • Migrating SVN projects to Git Stash
  • Java refactoring
  • Load testing
  • Improving delivery process
  • Integration tests with Webdriver
  • Fixing bugs


Leading developments for Codenvy/Eclipse Che

Serli team is also behind these projects:

Serli team helps Codenvy team to release the 3.x.x versions.

Practice Insight (Australia, Perth)

Sun has been taking part to the development of a case and document management software. The application imports, indexes file documents daily used by lawyers. It provides a GUI it easily edit, share and search documents such as scanned pdf files, office documents, emails, etc. The application is based on Nuxeo and GWT.

  • Integration of the Open Source OCR system “Tesseract” into Nuxeo. Making scanned pdf files searchable through Nuxeo.
  • Nuxeo Drive integration into the GWT application (Drive edit link)
  • Indexation of Ms Outlook “MSG” file into Nuxeo
  • Documents bulk import process optimization
  • Packaging of the module to simplify the installation in Nuxeo (using Nuxeo Marketplace mechanism)
  • Setting up a Jenkins CI for the project: it compiles, tests and deploys new versions of the application on a remote test server.


Writing of an diagnostic tools for the open source SSO connector “Jaaslounge”. Provides informations to help fixing misconfiguration of the SSO connector.

Java Community Process / Jboss Weld Project (CDI reference implementation)

During the upgrade to OSGi 4.3.1, Sun is taking part on improvements of Weld-OSGi in collaboration with RedHat team.

Nuxeo Community

Implementation of a new feature in Nuxeo IDE (Eclipse): code completion of extension points in Nuxeo XML components. Online video:


Sun is giving trainings on the functional test tool Selenium Webdriver

Nuxeo (Paris)

Nuxeo is a open source software vendor. Its main product, called Nuxeo EP, is a highly modular platform to build your own content application servers.

Nuxeo Core Java developer

As a core developer I’ve been part of the development of

  • Nuxeo IDE: Eclipse tools for Nuxeo plugin development
  • Nuxeo EP, DM, CMF, Webengine
  • Nuxeo RCP Apogee An Eclipse RCP platform to build Destop applications that connect to a Nuxeo server.
  • Live Edit: Libre/Open/Ms Office softwares integrated component
  • Nuxeo Functional Test: Nuxeo Test framework based on Selenium Webdriver

Nuxeo Java developer - Production team

Press Association (London)

As part of the development team, we used Eclipse RCP, Nuxeo Apogee and Nuxeo EP to build their news content management system.

  • Nutxt: PA Teletext news content system
  • Fuel: PA Digital news content system
  • MPA: HA and clustering on top of FUEL
IRSN - French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (Paris)
  • Code and data migration of IRSN mail management system to Nuxeo CMF.
  • Load Testing and optimization.

Scrum Master

Scrum master of the Nuxeo team for PA and IRSN projects

Nuxeo Training department manager

In charge of maintaining Nuxeo training material
50+ trainings and consulting over 5 years

Economic Outlook Ltd (Adelaide, Australia)

Eclipse RCP Java developer

  • Spike 3: Rewriting of a childcare management software system based on Eclipse RCP and Glassfish.
  • Adserve: Developing a Eclipse RCP software for maintaining and following the advertisements of a sport news website.

Metaware Scopteam (Paris, France)

Load testing consultant

  • Enim (Lorient, France): Testing and optimization of an application migrated to Java.

Economic Outlook Ltd (Adelaide, Australia)

Eclipse RCP Java developer

Creating a rich client application to display and export reports.

Thales Communication (Colombes, France)

C++ developer

Development in C++ on a French army software (MARTHA).

Netpepper (Paris)

Java Developer

Creating a web application which shares bookmarks and files
Study of Struts Framework
Drawing up an article of introduction to Struts.

.NET Developer

Installation and deployment of SharePoint Portal Server.
Development and integration of portlets with WebServices and .NET technologies.


Ingénieurs 2000. Marne La Vallée University.

Paris, France.

Master in engineering - IT and network. 2001-2004

IUT de Montreuil. Paris 8 University.

Paris, France.

Technical diploma in IT. 1999-2001

St. Mark’s International College.

Sydney, Australia.

First Cambridge in English. B. 2005


Paris, France

Professional knowledges Certificate in Software Qualification. 2005

Lycée Charlemagne.

Paris, France

Graduated with HSC. Major in Mathematics. 1999

Hobbies & Interests

  • Traveling
  • Gaming (PS3/Wii/PC)
  • Playing guitar and ukulele
  • Reading manga
  • Drawing
  • Wakeboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, and surfing